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A Personal Account of Mediumship Training

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Not knowing what to do with the information conveyed to me up to then, I returned to Asia to reactivate my trading business and set up a new Internet company. As I lined up all the legal and administrative elements to set up the new company, I wondered aloud why I was doing so, and the thought of abandoning the idea passed through my mind not a few times. As it turned out, when the Brotherhood approached me about setting up this website, I realized that that Internet company had served as a training ground for this present website.

One of my guides (I'll introduce him later because he is one of the most intriguing beings I have ever met) said this, "You may think you are an ordinary businessman in Asia but you stand tall among them." I did not know what he meant as the start up was certainly a small, modest operation, compared to the Internet fervor in Hong Kong. Our operations were far from being any tower. Yet my partner and I pursued and made a small success of it.

As the business got underway, I was still mystified about the path I should take. I knew deep down that the Internet business was temporary. I used the mornings to pursue my inward search. I seemed a far cry from being the Great and Holy Master's Amanuensis. I sought the advice of Asian clairvoyants to see if they could see my connection with Sanctus Germanus, but without success. In fact, none of the seers, monks or astrologers I contacted had ever heard of him.

I ordered the whole set of books from the St. Germain Foundation documenting Guy Ballard's encounter with the Master, the resulting I AM movement, his astral trips, and his lectures. These books provided me a view into the occult I AM movement, its foibles and weaknesses, and a little more about the nature of the Master. But the nagging question was this, if the Great and Holy Master St. Germain was indeed the growing hierarch of the New Age, why was there so much emphasis on America as the "chosen" country of sorts? Didn't the whole world belong to the New Age?

I pursued ways of initiating contact with the Master. With friends, we toyed with tarot card readings and table tipping. During the table tipping sessions, one spirit who called himself St. Germain would take over my body causing me to "shake and roll" in my seat while speaking. It was very much like the séances one sees in the movies and I was curious and thrilled with this "spiritual" phenomenon as it challenged all of my concrete intellectual thinking. As time went on, the being would tell me things, some wrong, some right. It would also make predictions for the people sitting around the tipping table.

In addition to the table tipping séances, I tried channeling from many beings posing as St. Germain, El Morya, the Lord Maitreya, Lady Nada and the like, many of whom I learned about in the Ballard series. These messages were posted on a website and covered various subjects.

During this time I began to fall or drop to the ground for no apparent reason. I would be walking down the street when, for no apparent reason, my knees would give and I would fall flat on my face. Each time I felt like someone had deliberately tripped or pushed me. A message came to me that I was tripping and falling because of table tipping and like "astral" games. At first the news was hard to accept. This would mean cutting myself off from the only means I knew to contact the Great and Holy Master.

After a while I began analyzing the channelings I was getting from the various beings. I had to admit they were repetitious and sometimes outright wrong. Sometimes the messages were quite accurate. But it became more and more obvious to me that I was not only dealing with deception but inviting it through table tipping and the like. When this realization finally sank in, I stopped all such activities and closed down the website of spiritual messages. I was left hanging. If these methods of initiating a connection with the other side did not work, how then could I ever fulfill my role? I was at a loss.

I was starting to get impatient. Being a businessman and used to controlling the elements to initiate and implement business projects, it was not my nature to wait patiently for signs or things to unfold. As things turned out, my whole training in the occult would be one of learning patience.

It would only be until the Masters of Wisdom put me through a systematic training to open my clairaudient and clairvoyant faculties for use in the right vein that I would look back at these experiences and identify them as "astral", by nature emotional, unstable, often deceptive, sometimes right and sometimes wrong. It would be as if I stopped anyone on the street to ask his opinion.

The Sudden Move:

After less than a year in Asia I received a very strong impulse to pack up everything and move to Canada. My impatience wanted action. I flew across the Pacific to Canada at the onset of winter to survey the situation and listen to my feelings. I was mainly worried about adapting to the cold.

When I arrived in Canada, I knew instantly it was the right move. I don't recall having this much rapport with Canada during my many trips there over the years. Such strong positive feelings came from the soul. I even knew exactly which building I wanted to live in.

All reason pointed to my business obligations in Asia. I just couldn't pack up and leave on a whim, so on my return to Asia, I filed a move to Canada for the distant future, with no specific date.

A few months after that trip, I began getting strong impulses to move to Canada. Pack up everything, dissolve the business, and move! It was time to fly to Hawaii for another consultation with the trance medium.

"Yes, indeed, a move to Canada is in a carefully worked out plan," he said. "The move will take place relatively soon, within the year at most."

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle again appeared and gave me some important pointers in meditation. That was the way to connect with the masters. He reiterated his belief that the Christian prayers had little to contribute to my further spiritual advancement. Instead he suggested that I delve into techniques taught in raja yoga, the king of the yogas, and gave me some breathing techniques to practice.

I knew very little about meditation yet as I eventually learned, deep, systematic meditation is the key to connecting with the spiritual world. It was from this point on that I started to make progress.

After the reading, I returned to Asia. I practiced the techniques that Sir Arthur taught me daily. Then more messages started coming. "Move up your date of departure! Move to Canada." This time the impulses came from the heart and were so strong that I had to heed them.

The one-year leases for the apartment and office were about coming due. Finally, I did not renew them and within a week everything was packed into a sea container for Canada. The move in my mind was so right that I had no doubt as to what I was doing.

Within a couple weeks after I arrived in Canada, I purchased an apartment in the very building I had decided upon during my scouting trip. How that apartment suddenly became available is another story.

I contacted the representative of the St. Germain Foundation set up by Guy Ballard in the 1930's. I was gravely disappointed for she immediately threw up barriers. She said I could not take part in their activities unless I got more training. She herself was the only one authorized to teach in the area but she did not have the time to teach me until several months later.

Caught up in my new life, everything seemed right materially but I felt I was not making much progress on the spiritual plane and when it got down to it, why was I in Canada? I meandered through the New Age bookstores and boutiques, yet found nothing of substance that really satisfied me. It was time for me to consult with the trance medium again.

Key Role of the Deep Trance Medium:

My formal training in the physical and social sciences had conditioned me to search for verification of my feelings, intuitions, and messages. At times I would stop and wonder if I was not halfway to becoming a raving crackpot, dreaming up messages and flailing in the dark. In order to continue along the path of the occult where things are not necessarily observable and quantifiable as proof, I came to rely on the collaboration of a deep trance medium, in this case, the trance medium's integrity as a neutral party without question. The fact that the trance medium remembered nothing of what was said in trance only gave his sessions more credibility, without the bias or opinion of the medium involved.

Before accepting his mediumship for the Masters of Wisdom, the trance medium said he would only accept such an assignment, if he could be a deep trance medium. That way, people would hear an unadulterated version of the message without regard for the medium's background, education, or biases. Another caveat that the trance medium imposed was that any message coming through his body could not insult the intelligence of the listener. And I can say without reservation that whatever has been conveyed through his trance mediumship has only served to challenge me. At times the message is so cryptic and masterly constructed that it takes months to decipher its meaning. When the Great and Holy Master Sanctus Germanus communicated with me through the trance medium it was in poetic pentameters or verse. The odder and the more complex the form of the message only serves to lend it more credibility.

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