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A Personal Account of Mediumship Training

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Several months later Kathy sent me a flyer about message services held several days leading up to Christmas. I attended one of the services and witnessed something that completely dumbfounded me.

The Pastor of the Church announced he had a message from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and would go into trance. Everyone quieted down, and the trance medium closed his eyes and started to breathe heavily. His body began to twitch and his face took on an entirely different expression. "We've got the body now and we can begin to speak," he said in a notably British accent. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, of Sherlock Holmes fame, had come through the trance medium's body and delivered his message. His jovial tone, quips, and occasional parenthetical back statements all delivered in a decidedly semi-archaic British syntax and tone completely mesmerized me.

Never in my life had I witnessed a trance medium in action. I thought, "He either has to be a terrific actor or this has to be a real phenomenon." I listened as Sir Arthur reeled off the message with such spontaneity and jest, that it could not have been rehearsed or practiced. As I listened, I tried to find some crack in the accent that would give me a hint that this was all rehearsed. I was amazed and perplexed but at the same time I knew deep down that what I witnessed was TRUE. It would be a year later that I gave a cassette tape to an English friend to hear. He declared the accent and speech patterns authentically British. When I told he who it was, his legs almost gave way.

After the service, Kathy walked by and said, "You should make an appointment with him. It might be interesting."


I threw myself into a new investment program and set about planning a new business venture. These "concrete" activities only served to quell the malaise within me temporarily. I disciplined myself to follow a daily routine, signed up for an intensive course to update my knowledge of computers, yet in those quiet morning hours while walking along the beautiful parks of paradise, I still felt something was amiss. Finally, I made an appointment to see the trance medium.

The trance medium started with a look into my astrological chart. He only relies on the charts to explain timing of events as he believes we on earth are still affected by cosmic cycles events. After explaining a couple minor warnings, we then turned to the reading. Did I have any questions, he asked. We discussed those.

"Anymore questions?" he asked.

"Yes, what of St. Germain," I asked.

"Well, well, St. Germain, eh? How interesting you should ask about him," said the trance medium. He looked up toward the ceiling as if listening to someone speak. "I have to go into trance. Sir Arthur wants to take over this part of the session."

A great thrill of anticipation came over me as the trance medium readied himself for Sir Arthur. The great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the master author of Sherlock Holmes, was going to speak to me! The following are excerpts of his message:

"Well, well, well, you said the magic words, my friend, when you called upon the Master St. Germain. In truth, you, yourself, are sponsored by him and that was all arranged prior to this incarnation. Part of what he's got in mind, if you will, for you and of course your deeper mind and higher self know this quite well, is that you would, as you go forth in your life, find opportunity after opportunity to open people's minds to new dimensions, to new possibilities, to the magic in life, if you will, part of this through writing and part of this through direct contact, seemingly in the business sense."

He quoted the Master St. Germain saying to me in a previous life in the courts of Europe as follows:

"Ready or not, you shall return again and again and again, until this whole world is enlightened as we are now. Do your father's bidding. Learn all you could learn. Ever value wisdom's great light. And watch how, centuries from now, we shall meet again, I not so visible, you far more so, as I speak to you directly in the recesses of your heart cave."

Sir Arthur continued:

"He sponsored your incarnation. He shall be there to receive you when you've fulfilled your mission. But until then, he's, in a sense, and I certainly mean this with all due reverence and honor to him, "on tap" that is to say, you can call upon him at any time and he shall find his ways of responding. He brought you here, didn't he?

So, that's part of the whole mission.

Just to make it clearer and clearer to you, where you go of importance, where you travel, you'll find there yourself guided to the souls that most need to meet you. You're going on a mission, if you will, of enlightenment, not so much your own but that of those with whom you shall have contact. The words shall be in your mouth to say and in your pen to write. And you will find yourself functioning more and more and more as his amanuensis, literally his secretary, as he, in full glory and color, pours himself through you with increasing power and frequency until you are indeed and in truth, one of his personal mediums, as it were, and certainly one who can bring forth his thoughts on any given matter." (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle December 28, 1998) .

After hearing the discourse, I floated out of the trance medium's office. At last I had an answer, yet the reading immediately spawned a bevy of other questions. What had I just heard? Who could I talk to about this? Who would understand? What did I understand?

The Long Path Begins: Now, What to Do?

After the trance medium's reading, I wallowed in the sound of Sir Arthur's voice, listening to the taped message dozens of times. Yet, I did not know what to do with the information. It seemed clear to me to pursue the new business plans I had laid so I decided to return to Asia and resume my activities in international trade.

But before leaving Hawaii, something inside told me to go to the summit of Mount Haleakala on the island of Maui. The Master would speak to me there. At first, I wondered, "Why couldn't he speak to me here? Why go all the way over there?" So I ignored the urge until it became clear I should go.

I flew over to Maui, rented a car, and drove to the top of Mt. Haleakala. I sat in the car and waited. Nothing happened. Somehow, I had expected a great light to beam down on me or at least an earthshaking revelation, something along the line of Moses. Still nothing happened, so started back down the mountain. A wild goose chase, I thought. Obviously I had received the wrong message.

On the way down, I stopped the car and climbed to an isolated place and sat looking out at the panorama. I was looking at the sky and watched clouds moving into place as if to make a deliberate formation. I looked at the formation and what came to mind was a city in Canada. The clouds had formed a picture of the St. Lawrence River, the same view I seen about twenty years earlier as I approached Canada by car from the states with some friends.

"What did it mean?" I asked myself at that very odd moment on Mt. Haleakala. "What would a son of the tropics have to do with Canada?" I hated the cold.

I got back into the car, a bit disappointed that nothing spectacular had really happened, and returned to Honolulu. It would be only a little more than a year later that I would find myself moving from Asia to Canada, lot, stock and barrel! The Masters a year later told me, "We introduced this notion so that you would have time to consider it. We knew you would resist it at first."

I learned from experience that a little obedience goes a long way.

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